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We understand the problems with synchromization with messenger, who is delivering your parcel. We have developmed unique solution, which can accept parcel from messenger and you can pick it up later. Check it out here.Does the messenger just deliver the parcel in front of first doors? Then, we can help you to build solution, which help you to trasnport the parcel to dedicated places using conveyors, automated systems or autonymous vehicles. Check it out here. Future is comming and drone delivery as well. We prepare helipads and helliports for drones, which can delivery the parcel. When the drone approches the target place, the hellipad will help him to navite to exact position and accept parcel from drone. Check it out here.


Drone port on every garden

The future is coming, and soon technology will take over a lot of things including how parcels are delivered around the world. Commercial drones are rapidly gaining acceptance in many countries because of its numerous Read more…

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