Start of our jorney with JIC Start

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At 3L Robotics, we embarked on an exciting journey to transform the way parcel delivery is conducted. With our cutting-edge solution, we introduced a revolutionary concept that not only streamlined the process but also embraced the future of technology. Starting with our flagship product, 247Box, we created a seamless experience for parcel delivery within residential buildings. But our vision didn’t stop there. We dared to dream big and set our sights on incorporating Drone Helipads into our system, paving the way for airborne parcel delivery. To accelerate our growth and maximize our potential, we joined forces with the South Moravian Innovation Centre and their incubation program, JIC Start.

247Box took the world of parcel delivery by storm with its resident-friendly approach. By providing dedicated delivery boxes for each unit in residential buildings, we eliminated the hassle of missed deliveries and enhanced security. Each owner had their own unique access code, ensuring that parcels were safe until retrieved. This initial success fueled our ambition to push the boundaries further.

Our visionary team at 247Box recognized the potential of drone technology in transforming the delivery landscape. With the rise of unmanned aerial vehicles, we saw an opportunity to take parcel delivery to new heights—literally. By integrating Drone Helipads into our system, we envisioned a future where parcels would be swiftly transported through the air, avoiding traffic congestion and reducing delivery times. This innovation would not only benefit urban areas but also enable efficient deliveries in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

To turn our vision into reality, we joined forces with the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) and their esteemed incubation program, JIC Start. This strategic collaboration provided us with invaluable resources, expertise, and mentorship. JIC’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurial ventures aligned perfectly with our ambitions. With their guidance, we were able to refine our business model, fine-tune our technology, and expand our network within the industry.

JIC Start: Empowering Entrepreneurs, Driving Success:

The JIC Start incubation program served as a catalyst for our growth. It provided us with a nurturing ecosystem where we could thrive as a startup. Through mentorship programs, workshops, networking events, and access to state-of-the-art facilities, JIC Start equipped us with the necessary advices to accelerate our business and tackle challenges head-on. The program not only fostered innovation but also encouraged collaboration among like-minded entrepreneurs, creating a supportive community that fueled our passion.

As we continue our journey with 3L Robotics and our pursuit of integrating Drone Helipads, we remain committed to revolutionizing the parcel delivery industry. The combination of our resident-centric approach and forward-thinking technology propels us into a future where efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly deliveries are the norm. With the ongoing support from the South Moravian Innovation Centre and the JIC+ incubation program, we are poised to soar to new heights and reshape the way packages are delivered worldwide.

In conclusion, with 247Box’s evolution from revolutionizing residential parcel delivery to envisioning Drone Helipads demonstrates our unwavering commitment to innovation and embracing emerging technologies. With the support of JIC and the JIC Start incubation program, we are well-positioned to lead the charge towards a more efficient and futuristic delivery ecosystem. Stay tuned as we continue to break barriers and bring our vision of airborne parcel delivery closer to reality.