Our solutions

We build leading-edge last-mile parcel delivery solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Our solutions will get you ready to receive parcels 24/7 from delivery drivers, robots or drones.


Get a 247Box in your home to start receiving parcels round the clock, irrespective of whether you are home or not. This stainless steel box comes with an electronic lock to secure your parcels and keep them safe from theft and weather elements. When a delivery driver comes to your home, all you have to do is open the box remotely or give the courier the unlock code to receive the parcel so you can pick it up from the box anytime you are back. This device is currently available only in the Czech Republic but can be shipped to Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Australia. Please click here for more information about 247Box. 

Miniparcel vehicle

Receive parcels from delivery drivers and transport the parcels within your office buildings or other complexes with this Miniparcel vehicle. It saves you time and stress by helping you eliminate the need to pick up parcels at your front door yourself. We can customize this vehicle to any dimensions to fit your need. What’s more, the Miniparcel vehicle can communicate with elevators and automated doors so you can sit back while it brings the parcel to your desks. These vehicles are ideal for hotels, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, and more. Are you interested in a demo? Please get in touch by filling our contact form now. 

Drone Helipad

Install a drone heliport in your home or office building to start receiving parcels from delivery drones. Our team will design a drone pad for your rooftop and equip it with an automated transporting system to move delivered parcels into your home. When you shop online, all you have to do is input the GPS position of your heliport as the address, and your parcel will be delivered directly to your rooftop. This drone heliport features a communication system that enables it to communicate with delivery drones and open up its port to accept parcels. Once a parcel is received, the heliport moves it into your home for pick up. Are you interested in a demo? Please get in touch with us now by filling our contact form.