Our solutions

We are a team of engineers focused on parcel transportation and delivery. We do draft solutions for last-mile parcel delivery. Especially, we focus on solutions that are 24/7 ready to receive parcels from any kind of delivery from messenger, robots or drones. 


247Box is a device for accepting parcels anytime. It is a stainless steel box equipped electronic locker, which be opened by code or remotely via mobile app. When a messenger comes with your parcel to a home he will drop it in 247Box and you can pick it up whenever get back home. The device is currently available only in the Czech Republic and we can ship it to Germany, Slovakia, Poland or Austria. For more information, please visit our web www.247box.io 

Miniparcel vehicle

Miniparcel vehicle is a mechanical vehicle for transporting parcels inside office buildings or other complexes. When a messenger with a parcel, you do need to come to pick it up. The messenger will drop the parcel at Miniparcelcar, and it will autonomously ride to your office or desk. We can adjust the vehicle for any dimensions, communicate with other elements as elevators, automated doors or any purpose of use. The vehicle can be used inside hotels, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals or any other complex. If you are interested in a demo, please contact us on the contact form. 

Drone Heliport 

The heliport is designed on the rooftop and an automatic transporting system will move your parcel into your house. To receive parcels, all you have to do is to input your heliport’s unique ID as your home address while ordering goods from online stores. The drone will automatically get the GPS position of your heliport and deliver the parcel to the heliport. The heliport may be located in your garden, rooftop or near any desired location of your choice. When the drone flies from the store, it will communicate with your heliport and move to the GPS position set by the heliport. The drone will notify the heliport of its arrival and will navigate itself just above that heliport. When the heliport confirms the parcel, it will automatically open its port to accept it and the drone will lay the parcel down on the heliport.After receiving the parcel, the heliport will move the delivered parcel to a specific position in your home where you can pick it up. If you are interested in a demo, please contact us on the contact form.