Office complex with drone heliports

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also called drones were first used in the military; today, they are been explored for delivery purposes by universities, regulatory authorities and multinational companies. In the future, 99% of parcels weighing up to 15kg ordered online will be delivered to customers’ doorsteps via the use of drones. This is because it is a cheaper, faster and more effective delivery system. Homeowners and offices are preparing for this trend by equipping their buildings with drone heliports. Is your office building ready for this?

Businesses are now adopting practices that promote a sustainable environment as a matter of social responsibility. Companies are building brand awareness and gaining the public’s trust and confidence by showing the general public that they do not only care about the environment but also want to make life easier for everyone. One of the ways to show your customers and the general public that you care about them is by equipping your office building with a drone heliport.

By building a drone heliport, you will be helping your business, the public, and the environment in the following ways:

  • Reduction of Traffic Congestion – The traffic situation in the cities and urban areas is becoming worse by the day, and cities are continually looking for a more sustainable alternative. A logical solution to this issue is to move some of the traffic to the air. More parcel deliveries via road mean more delivery vans, bikes, cars, trucks, etc.  Delivery companies are agreeing with this concept and are investing heavily to bring this to fruition. To help the city in reducing traffic, businesses must join the trend by making their buildings ready for drone parcel delivery.
  • Support Greener Environment – When we use drones for parcel deliveries, it means fewer vehicles on the road and less emission. It will reduce the amount of fuel consumed to get parcels delivered to consumers. Drones use comparatively less energy. By building drone heliports, your business is supporting the drone delivery system and making the environment greener for us all.
  • Support your host community and make more money – Not everyone will be able to receive parcels via drones in their homes or offices. Building a drone heliport and making it accessible to the communities around you allows others to benefit from the instantaneous delivery that drones have to offer. You can also make money by charging some amount for parcel pick-up from drone heliports.
  • Get your deliveries faster – With a drone heliport in your office, you will not have to wait for hours or days to get your parcels delivered at your doorstep or office mailbox. There will also be no worries about parcel damage or theft. For businesses in the healthcare industry, delivering parcels via drones eliminate the risk of package tampering.

Companies, consumers and likewise the environment will benefit from drone parcel delivery systems. Proactive brands are preparing for the future by equipping their buildings with drone heliports.

Do you want to prepare your office building for the future?

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