Drone port on every garden

The future is coming, and soon everyone will need to have our own Drone port or heliport on the garden and be ready to accept parcel delivered by drone from his favourite online store. It will bring hundreds of benefits:

The future is coming, and soon technology will take over a lot of things including how parcels are delivered around the world. Commercial drones are rapidly gaining acceptance in many countries because of its numerous advantages. Leaders in the E-commerce, retail and logistics industries are investing in drones to reduce their cost and meet up with customers’ expectations. In the U.S., it is projected that there will be over 800,000 commercial drones flying in its sky by 2023. Also, PWC speculated that there will be over 72,000 commercial drones in the UK by the year 2030. Drone parcel delivery may likely become a norm sooner than predicted because of the following reasons:

  • Safer and Faster Delivery System – New advanced drones are capable of flying at a speed of over 50mph. These unmanned vehicles can deliver parcels up to 30kg to any location without worries about traffic congestion. Drones are now capable of communicating with other devices and flying seamlessly between landscapers without fear of collision. Delivering parcels with drones will reduce the risk of theft or parcel damage and the level of risk faced by drivers who take parcels to consumers’ homes. Road risks like accidents or vehicles running out of fuel are also eliminated.
  • Cheaper and effective Delivery System – Retailers and logistics companies spend billions of dollars yearly to deliver parcels to consumers. With drone parcel delivery options, companies will deliver consumers’ parcels more quickly while incurring lesser expenses. Companies will be able to deploy their human resources to other functions that will boost their bottom line. High-quality commercial drones are equipped with advanced navigation systems which help them to locate delivery points easily, ensuring retail customers receive their goods as promptly as possible. This means increased turnover for companies and a higher level of productivity.
  • Greener Delivery – Drone delivery will save fuel consumption and also reduce carbon emissions. Drones use considerably less energy per package than delivery trucks and vans, which means more energy is conserved. The use of drones by multinationals like Amazon, DHL, Walmart, and others will reduce the number of delivery vehicles and ultimately lead to a greener environment.

Recent development like Amazon Prime Air and Google wing is increasing consumer’s awareness of drone parcel delivery. In Australia, Google Wings was used to deliver coffee via drone. Amazon Prime Air is also expected to start operations in selected locations very soon.

Consumers have started preparing for drone delivery by equipping their homes and offices with drone heliport. Homebuilders, designers, and architects now work with drone heliport builders like 3LRobotics to prepare new homes for parcel delivery. In the nearest future, we’ll likely see more drone heliports in building rooftops and gardens.

Are you ready to join the trend?

If you own a home and want to prepare your house for drone parcel delivery, then it is time to talk to a drone heliport experts. With 3LRobotics drone heliports solutions, your home will be able to receive parcels from all types of commercial drones.