Drone heliport – An Investment opportunity

Technology is changing the way we do a lot of things, providing us with cheaper and faster options. It is revolutionizing almost every industry including the transportation, logistics and parcel delivery industries. The advent of drones is not only changing the way parcels will be delivered in the nearest future but it is also opening up a whole new investment opportunity for homeowners. More E-commerce and multinational retail companies are considering drone parcel delivery options and are making huge investments in drone projects for the following vital reasons:

  • To reduce cost – Retailers are incurring huge expenses every year to get parcels delivered to their customers. Amazon delivers an average of 608 million packages and spent over $20 billion yearly on parcel deliveries. To get this cost reduced, multinationals retailers, E-commerce, and logistics companies are investing heavily in drones parcel delivery program. Parcel delivery through drones is cheaper, more environmentally-friendly and faster.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Rather than wait several days for a sedan van to deliver groceries or wait several hours for a delivery guy to bring in pizzas, customers are now craving for instantaneously parcel delivery. To improve customer satisfaction, retailers are working hard to meet their customer’s growing appetite by considering the drone parcel delivery option. Drone delivery will make it possible for customers to get their parcels in less than 30 minutes after placing an order.

When will customers start getting parcels via drones?

The future is here. Advancement in technology is making drones cheaper, more flexible, faster and more effective. Drones are now equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) which enables them to seamlessly communicate with other drones, drone heliports and make deliveries without issues. Multinationals like DHL and Walmart are regularly developing and testing their drone delivery systems.

Amazon has developed a drone parcel delivery option which is called Amazon Prime Air. Amazon boasted that this delivery option will get packages to delivered to customers around the world in less than 30 minutes. This air delivery option is expected to be launched by Amazon in selected cities in a few months.

Investment Opportunity for homeowners

Almost everyone will love to get their parcels delivered instantaneously by drones but not everyone can build a drone heliport in their garden or rooftop. Shoppers who don’t live in buildings equipped with a heliport will have to rely on other’s drone heliport to get their packages delivered.

For homeowners, the time to invest and join the drone delivery system value chain is now. All they have to do is to contact drone heliports builders like 3lrobotics and have a drone heliport installed on their rooftop, garden or in front of their home. Once done, the drone heliports will be made available for the public to receive their parcels from online stores or retails shops. Depending on the monopoly enjoyed by the homeowners, they can charge users per parcel pick up or charge a monthly fee. Whatsoever option they choose, it is a WIN-WIN for homeowners, shoppers, and retailers.

To find out more about drone heliports or to get one installed in your building, please contact 3lrobotics now.