About us

3LRobotics was established to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry. We provide next-generation drone parcel delivery solutions for homes, businesses, hospitals, communities and many more. We build drone parcel delivery systems that offer our clients convenience and guarantee seamless parcel delivery and parcel security.

Big logistics companies and online shopping retailers like DHL and Amazon are preparing for the future by making huge investment in drones. Parcel delivery will be done by drones in the future as it provides businesses and customers faster and secured delivery solutions.

We understand that the major issue with drone delivery is having a safe drone heliport for safe landing and the ability of the drones to locate homes. At 3LRobotics, we are helping house-owners, designers, architects, and investors prepare for drone deliveries by building drone heliports and parcel transportation systems for detached houses, office buildings, hospitals, communities, etc.

We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that are parcel delivery ready, ensures convenient landing for all type of drones, communicates with delivery drones to make it easy to find your home, receives and transports parcels to a specific location in your home.

Our team of robotics and software engineers is continuously researching to keep themselves abreast of the latest technological innovations and changes in the drone delivery industry. We regularly update our drone delivery solutions to ensure our clients get the best always. We offer impeccable customer service and we are always happy to discuss your drone needs.

We will be happy to meeting you and talk about your needs for drones.